2nd Hand Good Condition, Wind & Water Tight-Conversion Clinic

  • 1 x Steel door with chromadek cladding
  • 1 x Set of double steel doors for operating area with chromadek cladding
  • 1 x NG1 Window, complete with burglar bars with shipping cover and blind(bathroom area)
  • 4 x NC2 Windows, complete with burglar bars, shipping covers and blinds
  • Painted Exterior
  • Electrics

-1 x DB board

-5 x double fluorescent lights with diffuser

-7 x double plug points

-1 x phone line

-1 x bowl light (bathroom area)

Manufactured Second Hand, Good Condition 3M x 2.4M GP (2.59H External) UPS Storage Unit

  • 1 x Manufactured 3M GP Steel Container (6M Chopped down to a 3M)
  • Prepare, prime and paint interior white & Exterior R6011 Machine Green with QD Enamel
  • Bitumen underneath
  • Rubberise wooden floor, colour grey
  • 2 x Steel panic doors with barrel bolts and key-a-like (Barrel bolts only for transport, client to remove on site)
  • Electrics – Galvanised conduits

-1 x 220V Distribution board with switchgear

-1 x 5ft Vapour proof LED Emergency light

-2 x LED Floodlights

-1 x AC Isolator

-1 x UPS Isolator

-1 X Double plug

-4 x Earth studs

-1 x CCG Box

  • Document holder with laminate COC Certificate
  • 1 x 9000 Alliance Split AC, installed and left on for transport
  • 2 x 9kg CO2 (contents max 5kg) Fire Extinguishers, installed
  • 2 x Fire Extinguishers signs with location chevrons and arrows
  • 2 x 5in1 Emergency signs (English only)

5L Primer, 5L Touch up paint, Machine Green and White

4 Metre Steel Container – New (1 tripper) Good Condition, Wind & Water Tight

  • 1 x Single entrance door with lock
  • Remove wooden floor
  • Fit 4mm steel plate (vastrap)
  • Prepare, prime & paint – Interior + Exterior
  • Prime & paint floor
  • Bitumen underside
  • Fit channel
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